Industrial Lighting Systems
  • Industrial Lighting Systems

The lighting system is an important component when designing internal and external communications. It must comply with standards and requirements for safety, economical operation, reliability and usability. Appropriate lighting protects employees’ health and eyesight, increases their performance and provides safety which allows preventing accidents and reducing the injury rate.

“Communications” company develops solutions for installation of lighting systems at industrial enterprises which considerably reduce expenses on electrical power and maintenance of lighting fixtures. “Communications” specialists use detailed lighting planning which provides the following:

  • lighting is optimized to meet the customer’s particular requirements and comply with technological characteristics of premises;
  • the cost of consumed power, installation and maintenance is minimized;
  • a layout plan is made for lighting fixtures considering convenience of their further operation and maintenance.

“Communications” company provides a ROI analysis in the context of the total cost. For project implementation only professional grade equipment is used. It is selected based on the customer’s specific needs and adapted for extremely harsh industrial conditions.

When choosing lighting equipment, attention should be paid to some essential aspects such as quality, ease of installation, economical operation, stability, reliability and maintenance intervals. The unique character of the technical equipment used by us is based on advanced technologies:

  • the use of a microfilter which prevents accumulation of dust and dirt on appliances.
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  • an improved thermomanagement system which significantly increases the service life of lighting fixture components due to separation of the optical unit and the control gear unit and allows using it in the high temperature environment existing at industrial facilities.

The above listed unique features provide significant reduction of expenses on lighting at enterprises.