Emergency Call System
  • Emergency Call System

Providing safety at busy transportation hubs, railway stations, tunnels, bridges and other crowded places is one of the essential commitments of the transport industry. The focus is on development and implementation of emergency communication and perimeter guard systems.

In view of the growing demands for development and improvement of technologies in the transport infrastructure, we have created an emergency call system with some additional features and programs which both road users and emergency services need.

Main Applications:

  • underground roads;
  • toll roads;
  • parking lots;
  • railway and bus stations;
  • marine terminals;
  • airports;
  • subway.

Emergency service call systems provide the highest possible safety of road users and allow rendering timely assistance and fast response in case of emergencies. The functionality of the equipment which is included in the system allows monitoring the situation to provide immediate support in case of any incidents. Participants or witnesses of an incident can immediately contact an operator of the central dispatch service in order to notify about the situation or deliver a message to security services.

Equipment installed in public places should have certain specifications:

  • Vandal-proof design;
  • Dirt, dust and water protection, at least IP65;
  • Intuitive interface to support coherent actions in panic situations;
  • High quality sound and intelligible speech transmission in noisy areas;
  • Other.

Due to high noise levels at road facilities, terminals should have appropriate technical parameters to prevent losing important information and provide additional convenience for communication in emergency situations.

Apart from a wide range of equipment complying with all the required technical specifications “Communications” company implements some additional features meeting the requirements of the transport infrastructure:

  • “Analytics” system is responsible for recognizing specific sounds characteristic of an emergency, threat or danger (gun fire, breaking glass, etc.);
  • Software for the operator’s work station is designed to provide full control of the facility and further analysis of situations which have already occurred. More detailed information on the emergency call system.