Crane Communication System
  • Crane Communication System

The crane communication system has been developed by “Communications” company specialists. It is indispensable at enterprises having mobile units.

The crane communication system provides loud-speaking communication between mobile units and components of the communication system installed at the customer’s facility or selected in accordance with the customer’s requirements. The two systems are integrated through voice information transmission channels, signal lines and power systems.

Main Applications:

  • beam cranes at metal industry enterprises (rolling mills and metallurgical complex warehouses, ore mining and processing mills and handling terminals);
  • reach stackers and rail cranes (offshore and onshore oil platforms, sea and river ports and cargo terminals);
  • specialized rolling stocks with travel limitations .

The above listed facilities are an indispensable part of a complicated production arrangement whose all elements should operate in a consistent and trouble-free manner. In case of an emergency stop of a single element, the work of the whole section has to be suspended which results in serious production losses.

Communication with mobile units allows personnel to solve production-related issues promptly, monitor technological processes and use working time more efficiently. Thus, the role of communication systems at enterprises is becoming more and more significant while requirements for transmission of information, capacity and reliability of operation are becoming stricter. Therefore, all equipment including means of communication should be highly reliable.

At Russian enterprises radio communication is often used for mobile units. However, crane communication has a number of advantages compared with radio communication:

  1. the system is protected by a compact housing;
  2. forced ventilation prevents equipment overheating;
  3. it is equipped with an interruptible power source;
  4. it can be integrated with dispatcher and loud-speaking communication systems.