Protection of Communication and Warning Systems
  • Protection of Communication and Warning Systems
  • SWMS Module. Purpose and Function
  • Technical Characteristics

A growing threat of cyber-attacks aimed at the production systems with a purpose to disrupt their normal operation compels the enterprises to strengthen security measures.

Public address (PA) and emergency notification systems are among the key security elements of any enterprise. They, inter alia, transmit information on occurrence of dangerous or emergency situations at industrial facilities, transportation hubs, in administrative buildings or offices to all employees within their territory.

The cyber-attacks against the communication systems can not only lead to production downtime but also pose a serious danger for the enterprise’s employees and surrounding territories. Lack of protection for the software of the OEC and warning system entails such far-reaching impacts as:

  • Explosions and fires due to malfunction of the urgent alarm system
  • Human losses caused by the late evacuation of people
  • Financial losses from the production downtime which can often exceed damage from a breakdown.

Therefore it is crucial that the system is securely protected.

Protection of communication and warning systems makes it possible to:

  • Prevent access of malicious parties to the software of the PA and ENS
  • Avoid incorrect adjustment of the PA and Emegrency notification systems by unqualified workers
  • Prevent false response of the emergency alert due to sabotage from the part of dishonest employees.

“SWMS. Software protection module against unauthorized access to communication systems” has been developed by the specialists of “Communication” company for protection of the software for the dispatching, PA and emergency notification systems.

The mechanism of action of the SWMS module is very similar to the principle of work of an “anti-virus” and, as of today, is innovative for communication systems. It lies in a creation of an additional protective barrier at a connection to the software of the system installed at the enterprise and restricted access for the personnel.

SWMS ensures the following protections methods:

  • Customized connection interface to the main processor card;
  • Users identification and authorization;
  • Demarcation and control of the access to the OEC and warning system.

The SWMS module is a universal product and it can be adapted to already functioning dispatching, PA and emergency notification systems.of various manufacturers.

The organization of protection for the communication system based on “SWMS. Software protection module against unauthorized access to communication systems” is arranged in such a way that the operability of the whole complex is not disrupted at an intrusion attempt.

Technical Characteristics

Port count:


Impulse noise protection, kV:


Data transmission speed

50 bit/s ~ 921.6 Kbit/s

Module can be operated at the relative air humidity

from 5 to 95%

Temperature range for the module’s storage

from –40 to +75°С

Operational temperature

from 0 to + 60° С


Ethernet Interface

Port count:


Ethernet ports type

Ethernet 10/100BaseT(X) – twisted pair


RJ45 (8 cont.)

Network protocols


Galvanic insulation, kV



Power requirements

Operating voltage

12 ~ 48 V (DC)

Current consumption

119 mA at 12 V, 65 mA at 24 V