“Russian Railways”, the railway station of Orel
“Russian Railways”, the railway station of Orel
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“Orel” – is a railway junction of the Moscow railway in the city of Orel.

The Orel city's main station is a passenger terminal. The station is a center of the Orel-Kursk region of the Moscow railway. The “Orel” is the precinct 1st class station. Six platforms for the departure of trains are located at the station.

The project task: organization of “passenger-police” communication at the “Orel” railway station.

For the purpose of prompt call of police to the place of an incident at the station, the "passenger-police" intercom system had been provided and implemented. Under the project two platforms (№1 and №3) were equipped. The system is based on the digital exchange DVS-21 Compact, developed by specialists of “Communications” company especially for small industrial networks, which are used on small objects.

The project involves the installation of a selector communication between the police remote control and the emergency call columns at platforms. The DTA-012 supervisory console with 12 keys had been installed at police posts for this purpose.

Furthermore, the intercom stations WPS-01 with one key used as an emergency call points were installed on both sides of the station building (north and south). In selecting the equipment system had been taken into account ability to scale the system in the case of increasing the number of intercom stations (retrofitting left four platforms).

The UPS system with the expectation of operating time of system in offline mode for at least 2 hours is also provided.

The implemented in the facility system comprises:

  • Digital Central Exchange DVS-21 Compact – DTA-12 1 pc.
  • Desktop Intercoms stations – WPS-01F 1 pc.
  • Digital intercom station IP, 1 button (4-wire) - 2 pcs.
  • The work of all equipment is supported by uninterruptible power supply system.

  • As a result of the project, the railway station of the city of Orel was secured with "passenger-police" selector communication system.
  • The complex of intercom system designed to meet the future expansion had been installed.

Thus, the task of ensuring the safety of passengers was solved at the railway station of the city of Orel.