The Vyksa metallurgical plant
The Vyksa metallurgical plant
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Today the Vyksa metallurgical plant is one of the technically best equipped and modernized metallurgical enterprises in Russia, a dynamically developing domestic manufacturer of longitudinally electro-welded pipes of various diameters for oil and gas production and transportation, construction industry, housing and utilities field. The enterprise has the largest complex producing solid wheels for railroad passenger and freight cars, railroad engines, metro trains.

Project objective

Reconstruction of the lighting installation in the wheel-mill workshop and the 2nd pipe workshop for the purpose of reduction of electricity costs and improvement of the workplace illuminance level 

Project implementation

Description of the enterprise's lighting equipment before the reconstruction:

  • number of luminaries: 2500 pcs;
  • lamp type: ДРЛ-1000;
  • luminary energy consumption: 1.089 kW;
  • LI energy consumption: 2722.50 kW/h;
  • Illuminance: lower than the rated workplace illuminance.


In order to find the most cost-effective solution for provision of appropriate illuminance and easy access to the equipment, the «Communications» company’s specialists conducted tests of I-VALO products in the wheel-mill workshop and the 2nd pipe workshop of the VMP. After the information had been collected, a lighting design with a three-dimensional graphic lighting layout was prepared with regard for all the customer's requirements and limitations. The reconstruction was performed by way of installing 400 W I-VALO Horizontal and I-VALO Regular luminaries equipped with filters.

Due to the unique characteristics of the I-VALO products, the illuminance level at the enterprise was achieved using a smaller number of luminaries. Consequently, the project payback time from the point of view of the equipment investments equaled to 4 months, and the full payback period to 12 months.

Equipment specifications

With the participation of the «Communications» company’s specialists, within the framework of reconstruction of the lighting installation in the wheel-mill workshop and the 2nd pipe workshop, the spotlights, the highbay and lowbay luminaries, and also the ones with emergency lamps, were replaced with I-VALO luminaries:

–– standard 400 W Regular luminaries with metal halogen lamps: 881 pcs.

–– standard 205 W Regular luminaries with 400 W metal halogen lamps and tungsten halogen lamps: 453 pcs.

Implementation results

Modernization of the lighting installation at the Vyksa metallurgical plant has demonstrated the following results:

  1. A short payback time of investments in view of the continuous electricity price increase: 12 months.
  2. The electric energy consumption for the workshop illumination has been reduced by 80%.
  3. The LI maintenance costs have been reduced.
  4. The workplace illuminance has been raised to the normal value (200 lux).
  5. The job safety has been enhanced.
  6. The working conditions at the enterprises have been improved.

So, as a consequence of implementation of the lighting installation reconstruction project at the Vyksa metallurgical plant performed by the «Communications» company’s specialists, the required (and even higher) illuminance level in the wheel-mill workshop and the 2nd pipe workshop has beenachieved.