“Kurumoch” international airport
“Kurumoch” international airport
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“Kurumoch” international airport is the largest and most progressive airport of the Volga region, one of Russia’s top ten airports. It is connected by air lines practically with all the regions of the Russian Federation, and also with the near and far abroad countries. This is a diversified enterprise, which combines the work of about 50 various services aimed at execution of the airport’s main function: servicing of airline companies, passengers, luggage, cargoes and mail.

Three stages of the project:

·       Stage I. Reconstruction of the existing technologically obsolete system of PA and alerting in the passenger terminal

·       Stage II. To provide the managerial technical personnel of the “Central Volga Flight Navigation” branch base center with an intercom and public address system

·       Stage III. Construction of an intercom system in the new passenger terminal of the “Kurumoch” airport

The arrival terminal for international flights 

The total area of the passenger terminal is 11,340 sq.m, it provides for airline passengers servicing, and also luggage handling in international air lines. The acceptance rate of the air-terminal complex amounts to 600 passengers per hour 


Reconstruction of the existing technologically obsolete system of PA and alerting in the passenger terminal

Project implementation

The «Communications» company’s specialists have performed step-by-step integration of the new digital equipment into the existing engineering communication system.

One of the important advantages of the DVS-21 communication system is the possibility of step-by-step changing of old devices for new ones. It has allowed the airport to function as normal during the project implementation.

All the ground services of the airport were provided with intercom and PA systems: the transportation and commercial service, the cargo-carrying operations handling department, the aviation security service, etc. The system is also used for alerting by emergency rescue service signals in case of emergency situations. Installation of the intercom system equipment has made it possible to solve the emerging issues promptly, and also to reduce the time for informing of the engineering decisions taken by the airport's services.

The system can be reprogrammed in compliance with the customer’s operational needs, and the terminal equipment can be elaborated according to the facility's technological characteristics. Considering the certain airport services’ specifics of operation, the «Communications» company’s specialists have developed a special desktop intercom system with an omnidirectional microphone. This has allowed the airport personnel to create all the conditions necessary for efficient work: holding negotiations without taking their eyes off the work screen.

It is possible not only to perform software installation, adjustment and configuration based on the new digital equipment, but also to provide for simultaneous operation of the DVS-21 central unit and the airport’s equipment. The DVS-21 system has been certified for working with the Megafon VCSS equipment, which is an essential condition in organization of airport communication systems.

As a consequence of that, the airport has received a contemporary full-featured PA and warning system, which fully meets the requirements of all the airport services.

Equipment specifications

Switching equipment based on DVS 21Exchange 

DTA-012 (19 pcs.) and DTA-030 (5 pcs.) desktop intercom stations

НР 10Т horn loudspeaker (8 pcs.) and CP-6 Т cabinet ceiling speaker (2 pcs.)

20A power system module 

Samara Regional Center of the RF Unified Air Traffic Management System

The area serviced by the branch, in the air space above which the tasks of ASM and ATC organization are solved, is about 500 thous. sq. km. In its air space there are 283 sections of air routes with total length of 26,991 km, 244 sections (23,213 km) of them are international ones. There are 38 airfields and 59 landing grounds of various institutions in the branch's territory.

Project objective:

To provide the managerial technical personnel of the “Central Volga Flight Navigation” branch base center with an intercom and public address system

Project implementation

In the course of the project implementation, the Kommunikatsii company’s specialists have changed the old Orekh devices for new digital ones, and also organized mating of the intercom and public address system with the existing Megafon loudspeaker systems. The installed equipment has allowed the managerial technical personnel of the “Central Volga Flight Navigation” branch base center to solve the organization issues promptly: morning debriefings of the incidents that had happened at night, flight tasks, plans for the day, information about the weather for the upcoming day and night from the meteorological service, detailed elaboration of the flights, of all the maneuvers, possible errors, etc. These issues can also be solved in the conference call mode.

Equipment specifications

Switching equipment based on DVS 21 Exchange

DTA-012 (17 pcs.), DTA-030 (3 pcs.) and DTA-048 (1 pcs.) desktop intercom stations

15A power system module


The new passenger terminal for domestic flights arrival 

The new passenger terminal with a total area of more than 42 thous. sq.m is situated 1.5 km to the northeast of the existing air terminal building. The renewed terminal building can service over 3.5 mln passengers per year. The terminal has 7 boarding bridges (2 double and 3 single ones), and also 6 exits to apron buses. 

Project objective:

Construction of an intercom system in the new passenger terminal of the “Kurumoch” airport

Project implementation

As the communication system had gained a good reputation when working in the old terminal of the airport, the managerial personnel of the complex has decided to have an intercom system constructed based on DVS-21 devices in the new passenger terminal.

The system has the same functionality as in the old terminal, namely:     

  • operative-dispatch two-way communication of the airport's ground services,
  • alarm reporting to promptly notify the airport's ground services in case of an emergency situation with an aircraft.

In addition to that, according to the new requirements now in force at the airports, the system is used for organization of two-way communication with special rooms intended for persons with disabilities.

When required, the communication system can be expanded by way of adding terminating devices. This is performed without additional designing, based on unified equipment.

Equipment specifications

Switching equipment based on DVS 21 switcher

DTA-012 (20 pcs.), DTA-030 (8 pcs.) and DTA-048 (2 pcs) desktop intercom systems

WPS 04/25 digital weatherproof 4-button call stations with inbuilt 25 W amplifier  (8 pcs.)

40 A – 48 VDC power module

Interface equipment: media converters (2 pcs.), SFP module (2 pcs.), single mode optic patch cord (2 pcs), multiplexer

Implementation results at “Kurumoch” international airport

With the help of professional designing and high-quality equipment, the following functionality was implemented:

  • the intercom system;
  • the public address system;
  • connectionto PBX;
  • ensuring high-quality and unbroken communication for the airport’s dispatcher service;
  • working with fire-alarm and security automated systems;
  • signal relaying for dispatcher and alarm messages;
  • background music broadcasting;
  • recording system for the dispatchers’ conversations;
  • organization ofconference calls 

This way, the solutions suggested by the «Communications» company have made it possible to ensure implementation of all the functions, including also the specific ones (development of special equipment), which had to be considered during organization of operative-dispatch communication in the “Kurumoch” airport system:

– the old and the new terminals of the airport have been provided with a reliable intercom system intended for 24/7 operation, with no failures and restarts;

– joint action has been ensured for the airport services and the ATC that use Megafon VCSS equipment for their work.

The DVS-21 system fully meets the requirements specified for the airport intercom system.