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LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez, Ltd. is one of the leading enterprises in Russia with crude oil processing capacity of 17 mln tons per year. It’s the third place in the country and the first place in LUKOIL, OJSC.

The enterprise is one of the fuel and lube refineries. It is situated in Kstovo, on the right bank of the Volga river, in 18 kilometers from Nizhny Novgorod, the regional center and the capital of Volga Federal District.

Project objective

Development of a project on construction of a decentralized communication system and on transfer of production control into a unified control room. Step-by-step expansion of the project in connection with the construction of new process sites. 

For the purpose of solving the task at hand, the two-storeyedbuilding of the Unified Control Room has been constructed, which is the functional center of the entire operational intercom management system. The PCS transport and information network based on fiber optic cable has been laid in the industrial site territory.

The enterprise’s PA and alerting system has been constructed on the base of DVS-21 digital exchanges, each one of which is located in a separate process site of the oil refinery. The switchers were put into service gradually, starting in 2008, in accordance with commissioning of the following sites:

·       The Unified Control Room building

·       The tar visbreaking unit

·       The 35/11-600 unit

·       The commercial paraffin wax production unit (40/3)

·       The integrated hydrogen fluoride alkylation unit

·       The vacuum gasoil  hydrotreater

·       The integrated catalytic cracking unit-1

·       The integrated catalytic cracking unit-2

·       The elemental sulphur production unit

·       The liquefied hydrocarbon gases storage facility-1

·       The liquefied hydrocarbon gases storage facility-2

·       The chemical plant production

·       The local control unit-8 (commodity production)

·       The 16B pumping unit (commodity production)


The structural configuration of the switchers’ communication is a star-shape one. The DVS-21 system installed in the unified control room is the main one, and provides communication with the other systems. All the DVS-21 digital exchanges are combined into a common system by IP protocol. Using the LAN based on CISCO equipment, they have a common customer network and functionality.

Each individual system has a desktop intercom station intended for communication with the central dispatch room and also with the wall-mounted call stations (weatherproof and explosionproof) and the alerting zones connected to their central unit. The terminal equipment of the switchers is operated in a variety of conditions, including adverse weather conditions (in open industrial sites), explosion-hazardous territories and potentially chemically active media.

To provide functioning of the alerting zones, loudspeakers manufactured by the Norwegian DNH company are used (implemented or applied), and also Uniton and ProCom amplifiers.

For the purpose of creating a unified information structure in the territory of the oil refinery, the DVS-21 digital exchanges have been mated with various external communication and alerting systems, both digital and analogue ones (PAGA, hardware/software systems, PBX, fire alarm systems, automation systems, etc.).


At the present moment, expansion of the project is going on within the bounds of a gasoline hydrotreater construction.

Equipment specifications

All the units of the complex, the auxiliary facilities and the unified control room are equipped with communication equipment:

·    DVS-21 digital exchanges – 14 pcs.;

·    desktop intercom stations: DTA-48 – 1 pcs., DTA-30 – 20 pcs., DTA-12 – 9 pcs.;

·    industrial wall-mounted call stations (weatherproof and explosionproof): WPS-04 – 15 pcs., WFA-06-Ex – 128 pcs., WPS-04-Ex – 42 pcs., PMS-01 – 1 pcs.;

·    DNH loudspeakers – 309 pcs.

Implementation results:

The integrated communication system organized on DVS-21 central units in the production plant of LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez, Ltd., includes:

  • A two-way PA engineering communication system;
  • An operative-dispatch communication system;
  • A public addresssystem;
  • A fire alarmsystem;
  • PAGA and warning systems;
  • A teleconferencesystem;
  • Connection to the PBX and radio system.

The «Communications» company’s specialists have installed an integrated system of in-plant intercom and PA equipment based on DVS-21 digital communication systems. This has made it possible to enhance security and to improve the efficiency of the business processes at the enterprise –– this is one of the steps taken by LUKOIL-Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez, Ltd. on the way to their strategic goal: to become the largest oil refinery in Russia by 2017 with oil refining depth over 90 % by 2017.