Kirovskaya TPP-3
Kirovskaya TPP-3
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Kirovskaya TPP-3 is a thermal electric power stationwithin TGC-5. It is the only heat supply source for the second largest city of the Kirov Region.

The annual supply of electricity amounts to 534.6 mln. kW·h, of thermal energy – to 1388.9 thous. Gcal. Today the station has 5 turbine-generators and 11 boilers.

Project objective

Organization of a DECT standard radio connection system.

Integration with the operative-engineering communication system based on DVS-21 digital exchanges, and also with the existing telephone and command-paging communication system based on Minicom equipment.


In the course of reconstruction of Kirovskaya TPP-3 by the «Communications» company’s specialists a system of command-paging communication, alerting, operative-telephone, and intercom and PA communication was constructed based on one DVS-21 digital exchanges installed in the main building of the TPP. The main sites of the station were provided with communication: the drum oil storage, the combined circulating and fire pumping station, the effluent treatment facilities, the emergency supply diesel generator plant.

For the purpose of the project objective implementation, the company personnel developed a plan to provide the power plant with DECT standard radio communication and to integrate it with the previously installed operative-engineering communication system. Office base stations were hung up in covered spaces, and weatherproof base stations in special radio transparent thermo cabinets were placed outdoors.

DECT standard telephone sets of office and industry weatherproof design became terminating devices for the microcellular communication. The telephone sets were equipped with head sets, protective cases and gang chargers for operation in adverse working conditions. Outputs from DECT radio terminals to desktop intercom stations, speaking devices of the PA system, and alerting zones included into the DVS-21 system, were also organized.

The switchers of DECT microcellular communication, DVS-21 PAr communication, and the existing communication system based on Minicom,were mated by Е1 streams, and due to that output from any desktop intercom station to the mobile radio terminal and in the reverse direction became possible.

Equipment specifications

All the tasks at hand were accomplished using DECT standard equipment.

The specifications included the following items:

– RM627 office-type base stations;

– weatherproof base stations to be placed in RM637 thermo cabinets, the total number is 35 pcs.;

– Funkwerk D4 Office Dect Set mobile radio terminals, office-type, 25 pcs.;

– Funkwerk FC4 DECT Set mobile radio terminals, weatherproof, 20 pcs. 

Implementation results

1. Development of radio communication based on DECT standard.

2. Development of intercom and PA systems based on DVS-21 equipment.

3. Mating with the existing telephone command-paging communication system based on Minicom equipment.

As the result of the project implementation in Kirovskaya TPP-3 by the «Communications» company’s specialists, a unified system of operative-engineering communication based on three types of equipment was organized.