Our partners
ProCom GmbH

ProCom GmbH (Germany)
Industrial two-way public address and intercom system ProCom Communication & Service GmbH is a rapidly growing, innovative company working in the field of communications.

ProCom is a producer of a digital communication system DVS-21 as well as communication equipment such as intercom, desktop intercom systems and loudspeakers. Under a license agreement from the German company DVS-21 systems production was localized on the territory of the Russian Federation by the tech department of the company Communication Ltd. The obvious advantage of the digital system DVS-21 – possibility of integration with existing communication systems. This allows an obsolete equipment to be exchanged stage-by-stage with no loss of functionality. ProCom's products can can be operated with both independently and in conjunction with third party equipment.


Funkwerk (Germany)
Wireless security and video monitoring system

The company Funkwerk is the leading German manufacturer of professional equipment in the field of network access and communication systems based on DECT and TETRA standards for industrial enterprises.

A communication system based on this quipment of DECT and TETRA standards are used around the world (Europe, South America, South Africa, China, etc.) and have proved to be reliable and convenient in maintenance.

Radio communications equipment based on DECT and TETRA standards in Ex and weatherproof approval meets all international standards. Moreover "Personal security" function is a unique development of the company.

Funke+Huster Fernsig GmbH

Leading German manufacturer of industrial hpones, signaling devices, loudspeakers, communication equipment and control devices for mining industry.


industrial acoustic systems and loudspeakers

DNH is the leading global manufacturer of loudspeakers.

DNH is unique not only because of production of high-quality products such as horn explosionproof, weatherproof, vandal-resistant and shockproof loudspeakers but also because of the flexibility to customize the equipment according to the customers requirements. The company manufactures all the components for the loudspeakers. Customers can get the products of non-standard solutions such as special case colors, special transformers and adapters, multiple connectors for cables, etc.


Telegrafia (Slovakia)
electronic sirens and an early warning system for emergencies

Telegrafia — Slovak manufacturer of electronic sirens and early warning systems for emergencies such as floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, industrial threats, etc. The company's products are successfully used in a variety of industries where the possibility of an emergency is extremely high.

Product list:

  • Electronic sirens
  • Public address systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Software applications
  • Accessories for PA systems

The team of professionals is constantly working to expand the range of products. This solution in the field of radio and public address systems occupies a leading position on the market for many years.


I-VALO (Finland)
Industrial lighting equipment and not only

I-Valo is an expert in the lighting solutions. Development and production technology allows us to create durable, energy efficient and easy to maintain luminaures. All products are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. The company's products proved themselves in hazardous industrial environments.

Modern production technology allows to operate in different options and combinations by which it coul be created unique modules at competitive prices.

Sachsenkabel GmbH

Sachsenkabel GmbH (Germany)
Fiber-optic connection technology

The company Sachsenkabel GmbH is the largest manufacturer of fiber optic cable in Germany. Fiber-optic technology is the basis for digital information transmission at high speeds and for long distances.

Industrial use of fiber-optic cable is used in extreme conditions: heat, humidity and chemical aggressive conditions where special requirements to quality of products are. Sachsenkabel offers complete solutions for industrial enterprises to provide them with high-speed transmission of information on the basis of universal systems.

Microsens GmbH & Co. KG

Microsens GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
Media converters and transmitting equipment for fiber optics

The German company Microsens is the world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of media converters and transmitting equipment for fiber optics. Switches designed for installation in industrial facilities, factories and industrial premises must have certain characteristics: ability to work at low temperatures, be resistant to dust and humidity. The Microsens product line designed to meet all the necessary industry requirements including extended range of operating temperatures and increased MTBF.