Amplifier Communications (ProCom)

Amplifier V100

Amplifier V100

The Amplifier Module is of European card size with 3 HU (height units). The module consists of a front plate of 12 MU width with operational display by LED’s and is physically connected to the exchange by a robust F48 plug connec-tor.

The amplifier modules should be located in a separate module rack or separated from the other interface modules because the guide combs and 48 pole sockets are displaced. It is connected to the Communication Bus and addressed by the card select KS3 .... KS28 of the processor module.

The amplifier is assembled in a shielded casing and has an output power of 100W. It is optimized for speech transmission and has the option of 50, 70 and 100 V line output. The electronics of the amplifier controls the loudspeaker line on shortage and disconnection and also carries out a loop measurement. The im-pedance can be stored as a reference value for future comparison.

The amplifier of a system can be used for various applications.

  • Standard: Public Address application,
  • or: as stand-by, automatically replacing any faulty amplifier,
  • or: as output power increase of call stations.

The output power of 100 W can also be split and distributed up to 4 independant PA channels with help of a common switching module type 4IOS.

The LED indications on the front plate show following conditions:

The System Blinker The System Blinker
Addressing from the processor with simultaneous blinking
I/O Input/Output
BUS output works as push-push operation with the system blinker
BUS input works as push-pull operation with the system blinker
On Amplifier active
Al Alarm report
The System Blinker Output 50/70/100 V
green: available, red: faulty

Technical Data:

Operating Voltage: +/-5V (control)
Operating Voltage: 48V (power supply)
Operational Current (+5V): 27 mA
Operational Current (+5V): 30 mA (fault report)
Operational Current (-5V): 9 mA
Idle Current: approx. 70 mA (48V)
Operating Current 48V max: 2.7 A (100W sinus)
Output Power: 100 W
Distortion at Maximum Load: ca. 1%
Temperature Range: 0 °C to 70 °C
Protect: Protected against short circuits and surges.
The input and output isolated against each other.
Line Output: selectable 50V / 70V / 100V
Weight: 1600 g
Installation Height: 3HU
Installation Width: 12MU