Lowbay luminaries



I-VALO VEGA is a new, modular light family whose luminaires are assembled from various modules according to their characteristics and the needs of the customer to create tailored lighting solutions. VEGA W is the first versatile luminaire series in the family. In addition to a common design, VEGA W luminaires share excellent efficiency, representing the absolute cutting edge in energy efficiency and heat management technology.

The I-VALO VEGA W lowbay consists of light modules and control modules, easily connected by a fast coupling. The control module is equipped with a filter, and the light module breathes as well, due to its innovative structure. This enables temperature management in the control gear unit and ensures long service life for the electrical components and the continued energy-efficiency of the light fixture.

The cover parts of the luminaire modules are easy to open and close using latches – no tools are required. The easy opening mechanism eliminates risks, such as screws falling into the process. The luminaire modules are connected to each other with a mounting rail delivered as a standard component. The modules can be mounted either horizontally or vertically on the rail, according to need and the available space. Thus, the best possible illumination can be achieved for each space with the VEGA W.

The lamps are eminently suitable for the general indoor and outdoor lighting requirements of various industries. The VEGA W lowbay luminaire is available with either high-pressure sodium or metal halide lamps.