ATEX luminaries

T5 Fluorescents EX9441, EX9451

T5 Fluorescents EX9441, EX9451

EX II 2 D Ex tD A21 IP64 T 75°C

For zones 21, 22.

General industrial luminaire for low spaces with dust-hazardous areas. Used in areas that have been classified as dust-hazardous, such as biomass boiler facilities, closed conveyors, grain handling facilities and fibreglass boat production facilities.

Typical installation height 2–8 m.

Thanks to its structure and high light output ratio, the luminaire is extremely energy-efficient.

A dust filter protects the inside of the luminaire from soiling, which ensures that the luminaire will retain its high light output ratio (LOR) even in the most demanding conditions.

The luminaire may also be delivered with a polycarbonate cover (PC) that can be used, for example, in the food industry.