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For economic reasons, it is in today's time a big advantage to developed signal-appliances with several use. FHF TWIN Detect offers a new in such cases protection system.

The TWIN Detect up to 5 different signalling modi: Green flash green permanently red flash red permanently red flash with acoustic signal.So this montage-friendly system leads to a fast recognizing critical danger situations, relieves overseeing and makes possible an unhesitating reaction on the source of danger.

EXAMPLE APPLICATION - WIND MEASURING AT CRANES: At a wind speed of small 50 km/h the TWIN Detect flashes green every 15 sec. At a wind speed between 50 and 70 km/h the TWIN Detect flashes in second time and the acoustics sounds. The TWIN Detect is permanently in red an acoustics signal is on at wind speeds greater 70 km/h.

EXAMPLE APPLICATIONS - ACCESS CONTROL: A turnstile passes with a valid right access, the Twin Detect flashes green. The TWIN Detect flashes in red if the turnstile would like to be passed with an invalid access right. After the 3th attempt with an invalid access right the TWIN Detect is permanently in red and the acoustics signal is on.

Traffic light with or without acoustic signal
IP 66
Volume: approx. 105 db(A), distance 1 m

Art. No: 118 834 00