Crane Communications Systems

Crane communications system DVS-137

Crane communications system DVS-137

Crane communication system DVS-137 acts as a dispatching organization between moving objects and subscribers of the communication system DVS-21. Interaction interface comprises voice transmission channels, control signal lines and supply lines. Subscribers of the DVS-21 system have the ability to have voice interaction with subscribers of the crane station and vice versa. The main components of the crane communication system DVS-137 are crane radiostation CRS-137 and RG-137 gateway.

Crane radiostation CRS-137 is used to provide a flexible wireless communication between mobile objects in industrial areas. The radiostation can be integrated into existing production radio network and integrated with communication devices DVS-21 through the crane radio communication.

Gateway RG-137 serves as an interface between DVS-21 communication system and subscribers of crane radion stations CRS-137 as well as wearable or mobile radiostations.

If necessary the crane communication system DVS-137 can be integrated with switching systems of dispatch communication and notification of third-party.

Implementation of the crane communication system to the plants can dramatically increase productivity of mobile objects, can save material and human resources and provide automated control of technological processes.