Software application Vectra



Immediately after an emergency situation occurs, activities are performed on the basis of a default scenario at notification and warning centres. In order to support these activities and to maximize their potential automation the VEKTRA software package has been developed. It forms the interface between the operators and the technology they work with. Thanks to long-term cooperation with our customers worldwide we have optimized the user interface so that it would be easy to work with it even in the stressful emergency situations. The software itself guides you through the steps to be taken and maximizes the automation of all the routines operators execute once an emergency situation is notified enabling them to focus on the most critical activities.

Profession-based superstructure modules of the VEKTRA software

The profession-based superstructure modules of the VEKTRA software integrate the functionalities of core modules and processes depending on the type of the notification and warning centre, thereby creating optimized applications for the particular application area:

  • VEKTRA - Civil Defence;
  • VEKTRA - Fire Fighting;
  • VEKTRA - Nuclear Power Plants;
  • VEKTRA – Hydroelectric Dams;
  • VEKTRA - Chemical Enterprises;
  • VEKTRA - Metallurgical and Steel-Making Enterprises;
  • VEKTRA - Municipalities;

The architecture of both the basic and the superstructure modules is modular providing extensive configuration and customization options for adjusting to the processes at the particular notification and warning centre.