Pan/tilt heads

Pan/tilt heads accessories

Pan/tilt heads accessories
Systemspotlight Varispot with variable light cone
Systemspotlight Varispot with variable light cone
  • revolving IR-/Whitelight-spotlight for PTZ PLATON
  • light cone readjusts along with the aperture of the lens
  • optimal object illumination in the far range
  • I²C interface
  • temperature and humidity display
  • hidden cabling
  • avoidance of spotlight creation in the wide angle range
  • broad reach up to 500 meters
  • available for PLATON A3.40/A3.50, A3.54 and A3.70

Infrared spotlight
Infrared spotlight
  • individual setting of 6 zones for even illumination of surveillance areas
  • adaption to focal distance and ambient light conditions, status reports and on/off switching
  • via RS 485
  • full integration in Funkwerk systems
  • optimal crossfader characteristics control for long LED life cycle
  • technically approved for zone 2 and 22 hazardous areas
  • safety extra-low voltage 20…60V DC
  • low power consumption
  • user memory for recurrent sceneries
  • soft start function
  • leightweight construction for fixed or movable installation

Camera protection housing HSM
Camera protection housing HSM
  • Camera protection housing for static applications with universal mounting joint for panning, tilting and rolling
  • Discreet cable guidance in wire safe technique, robust double walled housing design
  • Integrated weather proof by convection cooling and regulated heater
  • Potential free camera mounting
  • Available in aluminium or stainless steel 1.4571 (V4A)
  • 230V/AC voltage supply
  • Various equipment options such as screen wiper, screen washer, spotlight for whitelight or IR
  • Further options: Vario-lense control, 12 V power supply for camera and electronic, various contact options, serial interface for remote configuation of camera (RS422/RS485/RS232/I²C)

Detectors LRD 150 and SRD 10
Detectors LRD 150 and SRD 10
  • Passive-infrared sensors LRD 150 und SRD 10
  • with curtain-like detection field of up to 150m / 10 m
  • Mechanical, optical and electrical functionalities are perfectly matched to interact with CCTV surveillance system ARGOVISION to provide event controlled action of the camera
  • Downward angle of 28° (LRD) respectively 75° (SRD)
  • Adjustable sensivity
  • Discrete cable guidance in wire safe technique
  • SRD: Integrated twilight sensor
  • LRD: Integrated heater, adaptive threshold detection