Industrial intercom stations



The weatherproof call station WPS-PL SOS Line with 6-wire technology is designed for use in harsh environments and long distance applications with no local power supply.

At a Glance:

  • 6-wire technology: Audio / Data / Power
  • SOS Push Button / with backlight (LED)
  • Two Version available:
    • Version 1: One SOS Button
    • Version 2: One SOS Button and two Control Buttons
  • Built-in microphone / 4 Watt Pressure Chamber Loudspeaker (SPL > 100dB)
  • Weatherproof design (protection rating IP65)
  • Large temperature range:
    • Storage -30° C to +70° C,
    • Operating -20° C to +55° C
  • Up to 13 km Distance and 26 Users (Cable 4 x 2 x 1.2 mm) per Line Interface NSA-PL and SV01-PL
  • Good/Malfunction identification
  • Hands-Free Operation

The WPS-PL consists of:

The mechanical components:

  • The call station housing is consisting of glass fibre reinforced polyester in colour RAL 2004 (orange).
  • The call station housing cover is equipped with a keypad control panel. (Optional with one button or three buttons)


The electrical components:

  • One electret microphone incl. compressor
  • One pressure chamber loudspeaker
  • One motherboard incl. 4 W call station amplifier
  • One adapter board

The WPS-PL is connected to the DVS-21 through the SOS Power Supply Interface SV01-PL and SOS Line Interface NSA-PL. Up to 26 WPL-PL could be part of one SOS Line.

The voice transmission between call station and DVS-21 is carried out as SOS Line with additional transmission of control and monitoring signals and power feed in 6-wire technology.

Due to long distance power limitation, a special Sequential Search Call is implemented. After starting a Sequential Search Call by the control centre, each SOS Call Station will be announced one after another automatically.

Good/Malfunction and call signals will be indicated by implemented LED`s on the keypad.

The display and blink behaviour of the LED`s can be set up by User Software ICS of the DVS-21.

The maximum quantity of WPS-PL call stations in the SOS Line is addicted on the characteristic of the transmission medium, the distance between call stations and the operation mode.

Typical values are as follows:

No. of WPS-PL
(Active / Idle)
Spacing [m] Wire diameter [mm] No. Of wires Max. PL length
8 (1 / 7) 500 0.9 3 x 2 4
15 (1 / 14) 500 0.9 4 x 2 7,5
26 (1 / 25) 500 0.9 3 x 4 12
26 (1 / 25) 500 1.2 4 x 2 13

Operation Button SOS:

With activity of the SOS Button, the SOS call will be initiated as a SOS emergency call to the dispatching centre SOS-DTA-LAN call station. The SOS button has the highest priority. In case of control button 1 or 2 is pressed additionally, the DVS-21 HCPU will be prohibited the call through to the line. The call request of button 1 or 2 will be signalled to the related control DTA-LAN 1 or 2. A conversation between control button 1 or 2 and DTA-LAN 1 or 2 during a SOS call with SOS-DTA-LAN is not possible!

Operation Button Control 1 + 2:

With activity of control button 1 or 2, a call will be initiated as a standard call to the related dispatching centre call station DTA-LAN 1 or 2, which is separated from the SOS-DTA-LAN call station.

The control buttons 1 and 2 have the lowest and equal priority. In case of activity control button 1 or 2 and a conversation with DTA-LAN 1 or 2 is established, the SOS call interrupts and finished this conversation.

In case of call request from control button 2 to DTA-LAN 2, during conversation control button 1 with DTA-LAN 1, the line request will be stored as long as this conversation ends and the call request from control button 2 will be acknowledged by the user of DTA-LAN 2.

In case of call request from control button 1 to DTA-LAN 1, during conversation control button 2 with DTA-LAN 2, the Line request will be stored as long as this conversation ends and the call request from control button 1 will be acknowledged by the user of DTA-LAN 1.

Ordering number:

  • WPS-PL L- No. 1.321 (One Button)
  • WPS-PL L- No. 1.320 (Three Buttons)

Mechanical Data:
Height x Width x Depth: 455 mm x 140 mm x 190 mm
Cable Screws: 2 x M32
Weight: approx. 4.4 kg
Technical Data:
Operating Voltage: 18..72 V DC
Power Amplifier D-Class: 8 W
Idle State Power Consumtion: 1 W
Power Consumption (LED Sequential Search): 2 W
Power Consumtion Call (Receiving): max. 8 W
Microphone: Anti-noise, all direction
Nominal Impedance: > 10KOhm
Frequency Range: 300 - 12000 Hz
Sound Pressure Level: >100 dB (distance 1 m, max. Voltage)
Control Range Volume Compressor: 20 dB


Sound insulation hood: L-No. 1.340 made of
V2A, H x W x D = 1000 x
600 x 500 mm
Weight: approx. 27 kg
Optional: with pole