Industrial intercom stations

WPS-04. Weatherproof Call Station, 4 Toggles

WPS-04. Weatherproof Call Station, 4 Toggles

The weatherproof call station WPS-04 with four-wire technology is designed for use in harsh environments. The housing is resistant to many chemicals and can be used in a range of temperatures from -30 °C to +70 °C.

At a Glance:

  • 4 toggles (4-way) with LED
  • Comes standard with built-in 25 Watt booster amplifier
  • Weatherproof design (protection rating IP65)
  • Large temperature range (-30 °C to +70 °C)
  • Resistant to many chemicals
  • Flame resistant
  • Easy installation

The WPS-04 consists of:

  • The mechanical components:
    • Two-part housing made of glass fibre reinforced polyester in orange (RAL 2004)
    • Toggles made of glass fibre reinforced grey polyamide
    • Microphone box made of grey PVC for the dynamic sound capsule (mounted in the cover)
    • Cable connections made of grey polyamide
  • The electrical components:
    • Dynamic sound converter (mounted in microphone box)
    • 4 W/6 W loudspeaker (mounted in the cover)
    • Motherboard with 4 W call station amplifier including 25 W booster amplifier (mounted in housing base)
    • Keypad circuit board (mounted in the cover)

Cover and housing base are connected electrically through a plug-in ribbon cable.

The WPS-04 is connected to the DVS-21 through the analogue LF interface module 4NSA.

Voice transmission between the call station and DVS-21 is analogue. Control and data transmission is handled digitally by a microcontroller. Transmission is carried out with a modem connection.

Busy signals, voice acknowledgments and call signals are indicated by the LEDs. The display and blink behaviour of the LEDs can be programmed with the system software ICS of the DVS-21.

The WPS-04 can be expanded with up to three AWC-06 add-on toggle sections (6 toggles).

Additionally, external 100 V loudspeakers (optional also 50 V or 70 V) up to a max. of 25 Watt can be connected.

Mechanical Data:

Height x Width x Depth: 400 mm x 100 mm x 128 mm
Cable Screws: 1 x M25, 2 x M20
Weight: ca. 4 kg

Technical Data:

Operating Voltage: 48 V DC
Power, WL Amplifier: 4 W
Power, Booster Amplifier: 25 W
Idle Current: 25 mA
Current Consumption (Sending): 35 mA
Current Consumption (Receiving)
Without Booster Amplifier:
Max. 200 mA
Current Consumption (Receiving)
With Booster Amplifier:
Max. 1200 mA
Nominal Impedance: 600 Ω
Frequency Range: 300–8,000 Hz
Microphone: Dynamic, directional
Control Range
Volume Compressor:
20 dB (speaking distance 10–30 cm)
Sound Pressure Level: >94 dB (distance 1 m)
Protection rating: IP65
Expandable: Up to 3 AWC-06 add-on toggle sections


Sound insulation hood: L-No. 1.340 made of
V2A, H x W x D = 1000 x
600 x 500 mm
Weight: approx. 27 kg
Optional: with pole
Add-on toggle sections AWC-06: L-No. 1.316
Max. 3 add-on toggle
sections per call station