LAN transmission



Enhanced security for transmission of digital video signals VSID® (Video Source ID)

Similar hazardous situations – whether during surveillance of tracks, crossings or airports – are always facing the same risk: Does the video show the potential scene of action and is it real-time visualized? Funkwerk has the worldwide first solution for this problem: The VSID® Coding System (Video Source ID).

VSID® secures real-time imaging instead of infiltrated recordings or downtime-related freeze frames. VSID® marks the IP camera or recorder image (or rather the I-frame) with an encrypted ID and a timestamp from the SNTP time server. Thanks to VSID® interruptions of the video stream or high periods of latency within the network will not remain undiscovered, too. To this day the digital video world did not know a comparable measure of safety.

VSID® offers effective defense against sabotage of video streams being of particular importance for open networks. For the first time ever, VSID® and unique identification of streams prevent infiltration of manipulated video signals or jamming of original video signals even when being marked with an identical video IP address. Beyond this new security feature the operator gets the possibility to fade in the coded VSID® ID in up to 16 alphanumeric characters.


  • EBA certification
  • unique denomination and identification of the video signal
  • protects the video stream against manipulation and sabotage
  • deactivates wrong or infiltrated video streams
  • deactivates video streams with high latency
  • independently detection of network problems


  • Product Of The Month August - WIK Sicherheitsmarkt 04/12