Basic modules

SV01-PL. Voltage supply module for NSA-PL

SV01-PL. Voltage supply module for NSA-PL

The DC/DC power supply module SV01-PL supplies the NSA-PL module with galvanically isolated voltage in the range of 48V DC to 72V DC.

At a Glance:

  • DC/DC voltage supply for NSA-PL interface module
  • Display and forwarding of group malfunction signals
  • Output voltage either 48V DC or 60V DC or 72V DC (configurable)
  • Monitoring of the output current (continuous short-circuit protection)

Functional description:

Block diagram SV01-PL
Block diagram SV01-PL

The DVS-21 slide-in module SV01-PL is part of the ProCom SOS Line concept. Whenever the 48V DC supply voltage for feeding the SOS line is not sufficient due to cable length, the SV01-PL module is applied. It converts the nominal supply voltage of 48V DC of the DVS-21 system into either 48V DC or 60V DC or 72V DC and forwards it towards a NSAPL module. At the same time, output and input voltage are isolated galvanically. Thus, it forwards a transformed supply voltage towards the WPS-PL call stations. Moreover, it provides continuous short-circuit protection for the NSA-PL module connected.

The output voltage is set up in using the configuration software ICS.

For monitoring both output voltage and output current of the SV01-PL are measured and the reading is passed to the processor module. There, as option, it can be evaluated. The various operational statuses are displayed on the front plate LEDs.

The Front Plate Symbols and their Meaning:

The System Blinker The System Blinker
Addressing from processor taking place (refer to the CPU1 data sheet for more information)
I/O Input/Output
BUS output works as push-push operation with the system blinker
BUS input works as push-pull operation with the system blinker
On Output voltage on
Either 48V DC or 60V DC or 72V DC switched on
Al Malfunction Signal (Alarm)
Group malfunction signals

Technical Data:

Input Voltage: From 36V DC to 75V DC, nominal 48V DC
Output Voltage: 48V DC, 60V DC, 72V DC (programmable)
Standby current @ 48V: < 30mA
Load Current: < 900mA
Temperature Range: 0 °C to 45 °C
Weight: 300 g
Installation Height: 3HU
Installation Width: 6TU