Multi Cell DECT over IP system (DoIP)

Multi Cell DECT over IP system (DoIP)

Multi Cell DECT over IP system (DoIP)


  • Full 12 Channel FB4
  • 10 channels for Speech (8 if DSS/IMS is installed)
  • 1 Channel for Synchronization, 1 Channel as a Bearer
  • Support Power over Ethernet (PoE) AND external Power Plug
  • IEEE 802.3af PoE Class 1 (0.44 W to 3.84 W)
  • Showing Status via LED
  • Input Contact (open or closed)
  • Two connectors for external Antennas
  • Two Versions available

    • Ethernet Version Supports PoE AND external Power Plug Max. Cable Distance 100 m
    • Fiber Optic Version Supports ONLY external Power Plug Max. Cable Distance 2.000 m

The PBX DP50/100/200/600

АТС DP50/100/200/600
  • 4 different Hardware Versions available
  • Soft PBX Version based on a Asterisk PBX

    • Implementation of special customer needs is possible (with cost)
  • Remote Configuration and Health Monitoring via LAN / Internet
  • The Amount of Extensions is only limited by Hardware, not by Licenses

    • Extreme low Cost per Extension!
    • No complicate License Handling
    • Easy adding of further extension
  • special features included one time minimum

    • E.g. Conference Rooms, Mailboxes, Teams etc.
    • Expandable via Licenses (no extra Hardware required)

The DECT Controller DC50/100/200

DECT — контроллер DC50/100/200
  • Main Task of the DECT Controller is “translating” the DECT Calls into VoIP
  • Establishing a Data Connection to the Handsets for Alarming and Messaging
  • 3 different Hardware Versions available

    • DC 50 (20 FB4 – 20 Handsets – 10 simultaneous calls)
    • DC100 (100 FB4 – 250 Handsets – 40 simultaneous calls)
    • DC200 (250 FB4 – 1000 Handsets – 60 simultaneous calls)
  • Remote Configuration and Health Monitoring via LAN / Internet
  • Enhanced Monitoring Functions of DECT Network and FB4

    • e.g. Monitoring of FB4 workload (Counting how often a FB4 has a workload of 70% and 100% of Calls)
    • Monitoring of the SIP Account Status
  • Scan Modus for finding new FB4 automatically
  • Mass Deployment of Handsets with automatically allocation of calling numbers
  • Update of FB4 over LAN (simultaneous or selective)

Corded phones

  • Funkwerk SC does not produce own SIP Phones
  • Snom phones are tested and fully integrated in the software of the PBX
  • Funkwerk SC recommends the use of Snom phones
  • Snom has a broad Portfolio of SIP Phones

    • from low cost to high performance
  • The PBX also supports pure SIP features

    • This gives you the freedom to find the most proper solution for your Customer