Fluorescent luminaries

T5 fluorescent luminaires

T5 fluorescent luminaires

I-Valo's T5 fluorescent luminaires have an enduring structure and a high temperature class.

A dust filter protects the inside of the luminaire from soiling, which ensures that the luminaire will retain its high light output ratio (LOR) even in the most demanding conditions. This way, maintenance intervals are long. In addition, changing the lamp is faster and easier thanks to the pushon lamp holders.

The optimised structure and very high light output ratio (LOR) of I-Valo's T5 fluorescent luminaires of er an extremely energy-efficient solution for low industrial spaces, corridors, stairways, work-point lighting, etc. T5 luminaires equipped with an acrylic cover are suitable, for example, for use in the food industry.

The typical installation height of the luminaires is 2–8 m.