The range of industrial TETRA handsets


Charging and Programming Units
Desktop Charger
Desktop Station for programming
Power Supply for Desktop Charger/Station
Travel Charger
Special Charger
Quad Charger (Mountin horizontal and vertical)
System Charger
Car Charger, passive (Incl. 12 V power supply and antenna connector)
Car Travel Charger
Carrying Accessories
Leather bag, closed with leather belt clip
Leather bag, closed with Klick-Fast system
Leather bag open
Ultralight Headset, SAVOX G-C (also ATEX)
Noise-Com Unit, SAVOX N-C (also ATEX)
Throat Speaker-Microphone, SAVOX T-M/T-C (also ATEX)
Universal Headset, SAVOX MP-H (also ATEX)