Electronic sirens



Basic characteristics

SCREAMER is a specialized electronic component in the modular sound distribution, warning and evacuation system, aSCADA®. The main function of the SCREAMER component is an integrated compact electronic siren. The electronic module of SCREAMER component is placed directly in a durable aluminum alloy horn with a powerful pressure loudspeaker. This module integrates powerful electronic amplifier, digital audio signals memory and input interfaces to activate the playback of pre-recorded warning messages or broadcast live reports.

Main functions and properties

SCREAMER can broadcast:

  • voice messages and signals from the internal memory (SD card)
  • live voice messages from the external microphone
  • audio signals from various external sources (radio, cell phones, etc.)

The messages are activated by:

  • signals fed to one of the four binary inputs,
  • RS232/RS485 interface by other systems
  • interface through aBUS and other devices from the aSCADA® system,
  • wireless technology XBee (requires additional module XBee)
  • line interface via Ethernet (requires TCP/IP module)
  • WiFi interface (requires TCP/IP module)
  • GPRS interface (requires TCP/IP + GPRS module)

SCREAMER offers many ways to ensure required functionality – from a simple configuration to the sophisticated programming of required algorithms. It is possible to virtually store unlimited number of reports, clarify their priorities, interruptions, combinations and much more. SCREAMER is available in two different versions, small and large horn. The small horn has an acoustic directivity pattern close to the circle shape with lower acoustic pressure, while the large horn has an elliptical acoustic directivity pattern and higher acoustic pressure.


Technical specifications

Max. output electronically adjustable, max. 70W RMS
Voltage 8 - 30 V =
Storage memory SD card 2 GB (included)
Binary inputs 4
Interfaces RS232/RS485, aBUS, XBee, WiFi, GPRS
Screamer with small horn:
Dimensions (L x W x H) 490 x 160 x 200 mm
Acoustic pressure electronically adjustable, max 122 dB(A)/1 m
Total weight 5.5 kg
Screamer with big horn
Dimensions (L x W x H) 625 x 160 x 640 mm
Acoustic pressure electronically adjustable, max 126 dB(A)/1 m
Total weight 8,6 kg

Auxiliary accessories

SCREAMER integrated electronic siren is supplied with a wide range of optional accessories: two remote control versions, several additional modules for wireless communication, operator’s control panel, or wall attachable consoles