Electronic sirens

Screamer Car

Screamer Car

Main functions and properties

Screamer CAR is a special modification of a compact, integrated electronic siren Screamer, mainly designed for installation on vehicles. Thanks to a flexible adapter and a powerful resistant magnet, the Screamer CAR siren can be attached to a variety of flat as well as slightly curved metal surfaces. The most common is the roof or a side of a vehicle.

Screamer CAR is normally controlled by a wired remote control (or by adding an optional module for wireless communication), but more demanding applications can also use a system control panel, radio modem for radio communications and/or other accessories. Power supply comes from an electric lighter connector in the dashboard. During transport, all siren components are located in a resistant PELI® plastic case.

Extremely quick and easy installation without any tools saves time in emergency situations!

Acoustic part

  • resistant horns made of light aluminium alloys with integrated electronics and 70 W power supply
  • possibility of choosing between a big (70B) and a small (70S) horn
  • flexible magnetic holder for the siren attachment on a metal surface (usually the roof or a side of a vehicle)
  • possibility of reporting and hooting during the car ride
  • extremely quick and easy installation with no need for assembly tools
  • 12 to 36 V supply voltage (from the car battery)
  • all components housed in a resistant PELI® case

Device control

  • simple control via the RCT11 Professional Remote Control with a display screen and control knob
  • possibility of supplementing the siren or control device with a wireless communication module X-Bee or WiFi
  • windshield suction cup holder for the control device included
  • reproduction of audio recordings from the siren’s digital memory
  • possibility of pre-recording customized announcements
  • live voice messages from an embedded microphone
  • audio input for external audio sources (radio, telephone ...)

Technical parameters

Screamer CAR 70B Screamer CAR 70S
Max. output 70 W RMS (electonically adjustable)
Max. acoustic pressure 126 dB (А)/1m 122 dB (А)/1m
Weight of the acoustic part 10,9 kg 6,7 kg
Voltage 12 – 36 V DC
Range of the working temperatures -40°C to +85°C (acoustic part)
-20°C to +85°C (device control)
Communication options RS 232 /RS 485, aBUS, WiFi, X-bee, Ethernet, GPRS
Max. speed of a vehicle with installed horns 50 km/h 70 km/h