Desktop Intercoms stations



Desk Call Station as Fire Brigade Call Station.

At a Glance:

  • Designed as call station with call signal and integrated function monitor for the microphone and the NF connection for interior use (control centres and rooms, switching rooms, etc.)
  • Scaleable housing with 12, 30, 48, 66, or 84 illuminated buttons, electronics constructed identically
  • Large range thanks to analogue voice transmission, control and signaldata over a robust modem connection
  • Freely programmable key functions (e.g. EL/WL operation with acknowledge function, louder/softer, alarm display and acknowledge function)
  • Connection through plug-in cable with 4 or 6-wire technology
  • Internal function and connection test

Specifications of the Fire Brigade Call Station:

The following describes the functionality of the DTA as fire brigade call station.

The fire brigade call station DTA-F is a variation of each of the standard call stations DTA-012 / 030 / 048 / 066 / 084.

In respect to the modes of operation, intercom and public address, it is identical in terms of functionality with the standard DTA call stations.

Added to this was the option of monitoring the functionality of the microphone, as required in the standard, VDE 0828 / DIN EN 60849 (Emergency Sound Systems). For this the call station is fitted in the factory with a special gooseneck microphone and the monitoring functions.

This way, in respect to cyclical monitoring of the LF transmission path, call station outage can be detected and signalled on time.

ICS Programming:

Busy signals, voice acknowledgments and call signals are indicated by the LEDs. The display and blink behaviour of the LEDs can be programmed with the system software ICS of the DVS-21.

To connect the call station to the DVS-21, a 4NSA module with 7 kHz monitoring attachment (order no. 2.301) is required.
To activate the “fire brigade call station” functionality it is necessary to activate LF monitoring in the configuration window for the 4NSA module.
The monitoring interval can be specified when LF monitoring is active.

Mechanical Data:

Housing: Material ABS (UL 94 HB), colour grey-white (RAL 9002)
Accessories: Connecting cable 2.5 m / 15-pin D-sub connector, wall connection socket
Weight: Approx. 2.5 kg (model 1) / approx. 3.5 kg (model 2) including accessories and packaging

The DTA desk call station consists of the following components:

  • The three-part grey-white desk housing made of ABS
  • The aluminium mounting plate
  • The electrical components:
    • Gooseneck microphone (standard part for call station with call signal, mounted in top)
    • 4 W/6 W loudspeaker (mounted on aluminium plate)
    • Motherboard with 4 W call station amplifier (mounted in housing base)
    • Keypad circuit board with 30 keys (mounted on aluminium plate)
    • Keypad circuit board with 18/36/54 keys (mounted on aluminium plate) for >48 keys

Included with the product are:

  • DTA connecting cable 2.5 m
  • Wall connection socket

The interface module, 4NSA (order-no. 2.301), necessary for operation of the call station, is connected to the wall connection socket with 4 or 6-wire cable and configured there according to the corresponding plug contacts.

The DTA connecting cable is plugged into the 15-pin D-sub connector of the DTA and configured according to the corresponding plug contacts of the wall connection socket

Order Data:

Model – Quantity of Illuminated buttons L-No.
DTA-F-012 1.112
DTA-F-030 1.130
DTA-F-048 1.148
DTA-F-066 1.166
DTA-F-084 1.184
LF interface module
4NSA 2.301

Technical Data:

Operating Voltage: 48 V DC
Power WL Amplifier: 4 W/td>
Power, Booster Amplifier: 25 W (optional, external)
Idle Current: 25 mA
Current Consumption (Sending): 35 mA
Current Consumption (Receiving)
Without Booster Amplifier:
Max. 200 mA
Current Consumption (Receiving)
Without Booster Amplifier:
Max. 1200 mA
Nominal Impedance: 600 Ω
Frequency Range: 300–8,000 Hz
Microphone: Dynamic, directional
Control Range
Volume Compressor:
20 dB (speaking distance 10–30 cm)
Sound Pressure Level: >94 dB (distance 1 m)


Mobile trolley L-No. 1.900
Height adjustable between
720 and 1050 mm,
angle of inclination
between 0 and 40 degrees
BA-25 L-No. 2.52525 W booster
amplifier for desk call stations
Wall fastener, size M Order No. 76000050 for fixed
mounting of a DTA-012/030 on
the wall
Wall fastener, size L Order no. 76000049 for
fixed mounting of a DTA-048/066/084
on the wall