Desktop Intercoms stations



The DTA-048, DTA-066 and DTA-084 are the medium-sized desk call stations of the ProCom series. These three models differ only in terms of the number of keys and are otherwise built identically.

The call stations of the DTA series are designed for 4-wire connections and use in sealed rooms (control centres and rooms, switching rooms, etc.).

At a Glance:

  • 48, 66 or 84 illuminated buttons
  • Connection using plug-in cable
  • Freely programmable key functions (e.g. louder/softer and alarm function)
  • Optionally with hand-held microphone
  • Optionally with head, audio, voice set (headset)
  • Optional special functions by request

The DTA-048/066/084 consists of:

  • The three-part grey-white desk housing made of ABS (RAL 9002) and the aluminium mounting plate
  • The electrical components:
    • Gooseneck microphone (mounted in the cover)
    • 4 W/6 W loudspeaker (mounted on aluminium plate)
    • Motherboard with 4 W call station amplifier (mounted in housing base)
    • Keypad circuit board with 30 keys (mounted on aluminium plate)
    • Keypad circuit board with 18/36/54 keys (mounted on aluminium plate)

Included with the product are:

  • DTA connecting cable 2.5 m
  • Wall connection socket
In order to commission a DTA a connection cable is plugged in between the call station and

the wall connection socket. The wall connection socket is mounted on the wall with 2 screws. The cable from the DVS-21 central system is set up through 4 or 6 plug contacts.

DTA-xxxs are connected through the analogue low frequency (LF) interface module 4NSA.

Voice transmission between the call station and DVS-21 is analogue. Control and data transmission is handled digitally by a microcontroller. Transmission is carried out with a modem connection.

Busy indication, voice acknowledgments and call signals are indicated by the LEDs. The display and blink behaviour of the LEDs can be programmed with the system software ICS of the DVS-21.

Mechanical Data:

Height x Width x Depth: 280 mm x 300 mm x 120 mm
Connection: 15-pin D-sub connector
Weight: ca. 3.5 kg including accessories and packaging

Technical Data:

Operating Voltage: 48 V DC
Power WL Amplifier: 4 W/td>
Power, Booster Amplifier: 25 W
Idle Current: 25 mA
Current Consumption (Sending): 35 mA
Current Consumption (Receiving)
Without Booster Amplifier:
Max. 200 mA
Current Consumption (Receiving)
Without Booster Amplifier:
Max. 1200 mA
Nominal Impedance: 600 Ω
Frequency Range: 300–8,000 Hz
Microphone: Dynamic, directional
Control Range
Volume Compressor:
20 dB (speaking distance 10–30 cm)
Sound Pressure Level: >94 dB (distance 1 m)


Mobile trolley L-No. 1.900
Height adjustable between
720 and 1050 mm,
angle of inclination
between 0 and 40 degrees
BA-25 L-No. 2.52525 W booster
amplifier for desk call stations
Wall fastener, size M Order No. 76000050 for fixed
mounting of a DTA-012/030 on
the wall