The seminar "Technical tools for warning systems and evacuation management".

12 July 2016

In the 12th of July the "Communications" company held the seminar "Technical tools for warning systems and evacuation management" in St. Petersburg.

The event was attended by the engineers of leading industrial and energy enterprises of Russia.

Vladimir Kochetkov, our speaker, spoke about the DVS-21 system’s work opportunities as the control center of warning and evacuation. In particular, told about the basic modules and specifications of the digital central exchange DVS-21. As a practical part of the workshop, examples of implementation of the warning and evacuation management solutions, developed by our specialists for large objects of various industries, have been considered.

The audience was attracted by the explosion-protected terminal equipment system for the organization of alerts in the petrochemical industry. The expert of the "Communications" company told not only about the peculiarities of this equipment application, but he has also provided practical advice to participants of the seminar.

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