Crane communications system DVS-137

25 February 2015

Communications Ltd has developed the crane communication system DVS-137 which is indispensable on the enterprises with moving objects.

Main application areas:

  • girder cranes of companies in the metals sector (rolling mills and warehouses of metallurgical works, ore-dressing plants, trans-shipping complexes);
  • container truck and rail cranes (sea and river ports, freight terminals);
  • specialized rolling stock with limited movement length

These objects is an integral part of a complex production mechanism where all elements have to work synchronously and smoothly. In case of an emergency of some element it is necessary to interrupt the operation of the entire site leading to high production losses.

Communication with moving objects allows employees to solve quickly production issues, control the technological processes progress as well as more efficient use of time. Thus, the role of communication systems grows on enterprises, the increase of demand on the quality of information transfer, bandwidth, reliability. Therefore, all of the equipment including communication means should have high reliability.

It is often used radio communication for moving objects at Russian enterprises. However crane communication unlike radio communication has several distinct advantages:

  1. The system is protected as it is located in a compact housing;
  2. Forced ventilation eliminates overheating of equipment;
  3. It has uninterrupted power supply;
  4. It can be integrated with public address and intercom systems.

Long-term cooperation experience with leading German manufacturers has allowed Communications’s specialists to develop a crane communication system DVS-137 - European quality product that focuses on improving the efficiency of rolling stock.

Crane communication system DVS-137 acts as a dispatching organization between moving objects and subscribers of the communication system DVS-21. Interaction interface comprises voice transmission channels, control signal lines and supply lines. Subscribers of the DVS-21 system have the ability to have voice interaction with subscribers of the crane station and vice versa. The main components of the crane communication system DVS-137 are crane radiostation CRS-137 and RG-137 gateway.

Crane radiostation CRS-137 is used to provide a flexible wireless communication between mobile objects in industrial areas. The radiostation can be integrated into existing production radio network and integrated with communication devices DVS-21 through the crane radio communication.

Gateway RG-137 serves as an interface between DVS-21 communication system and subscribers of crane radion stations CRS-137 as well as wearable or mobile radiostations.

If necessary the crane communication system DVS-137 can be integrated with switching systems of dispatch communication and notification of third-party.

Implementation of the crane communication system to the plants can dramatically increase productivity of mobile objects, can save material and human resources and provide automated control of technological processes.

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