Communications Ltd seminars gained an international perspective

30 June 2014

June 25 and 26, it was held a seminar at the training center of Communications Ltd «Organization of the dispatch, intercom and wireless communication system in industrial plants and transportation facilities». Due to the mix of the participants our seminars recently gained international status.

The Seminar introduced the participants to the features of digital communication system DVS-21 (ProCom GmbH), the termination equipment of partners, their characteristics and areas of application. There are have been considered the benefits of using digital multifunction systems DVS-21 in building an operational and technological communication system and creation of integrated solutions on its basis.

Some presentations were focused on DECT and TETRA security and communication systems produced by Funkwerk (Germany) and public warning systems produced by Telegrafia, equipment of FHF. Realised and model projects have been taken into account as well.

By tradition, the seminars of „Communications„ go beyond formal schooling, but instead become a cozy venue to discuss the situation in the sphere of production handsfree exchange of views on the characteristics represented by the equipment on the market due Defense and Emergencies. Also, the company “Communications" organizes a varied cultural program, depending on the time of year. At the end of the seminar, participants are awarded a certificate of attendance.

Traditionally seminars of the Communications Ltd go beyond formal education but instead becoming an informal forum for discussing a situation in industrial public address system, exchanging of views on characteristics of available equipment in the market of Public Warning and National warning system. Also, Communications Ltd organizes a varied cultural programme depending on the season. At the end of the seminar all participants were distributed with certificates in concluding session of the workshop.

We want to thank all of our participants for their interest!

If you would like to receive seminar schedule please contact us: et@comms.ru

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