Seminar in Tomsk

28 April 2015

April 22, in Tomsk was held a retreat which brought together more than 20 participants of different areas and activities. Specialists of our Company spoke about the construction of operational and technological communication in industrial plants and transportation hubs.


During the seminar experts demonstrated how a digital switching system DVS-21 operates, its main modules, specifications and features. The Seminar introduced the participants to terminating units: dispatcher control board, intercoms weatherproof with Ex approval and explosion-signaling devices. On the seminar was also presented a new product - communication crane system DVS-137 designed for mobile objects for communication industries. Discussed important issues were personal safety ensuring, prevention of occupational accidents, improving the efficiency of production processes on the enterprises.

All participants received information materials and certificates.

Thank you for participating in the seminar and for your interest in our company!

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