Seminar in Samara

5 June 2015

The next retreat of the company Communication Ltd has generated a lot of interest of more than 20 representatives of various spheres and organizations.

Specialists of the company held the retreat on June 3 in Samara. The key issue of this retreat was the construction of the dispatch, public address and wireless networking in industrial enterprises.

Company experts presented the core modules and technical features of a digital communication system DVS-21. Discussion of adapting the system for different companies attracted a lot interest of the participants, especially for companies in the energy, oil and gas, and other areas as well as the ability to integrate modern communication systems with existing ones. Employees of the company has been clearly demonstrated terminal equipment - dispatching consoles for industrial and protected execution as well as weatherproof and explosionproof communication devices. The participants got acknowledged with the new development of the company - crane communication system DVS-137 which is indispensable for enterprises with mobile objects.

Speakers described what automated operator workstation is as well as shared their experience in developing various IP solutions such as the connection of terminal equipment over fiber and switches connectivity over IP. There were shown presentations which reflects the implementation of numerous projects at large enterprises and industrial objects.

Lecture about communication systems based on equipment of DECT and TETRA standards continued the seminar. The radiocommunication system is ever-increasing because of the mobility of employees and the detailed plan for the effective operation of the enterprise workflow.

Specialists of Communications Ltd shared experience of European partners and gave a review of the business vendors: «FHF», loudspeakers «ProCom» and «DNH».

Certificates and branded materials of the company were distributed among the participants. Thank you for your attention and interest in the activities of our company!


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