Seminar in Kazan

24 March 2016

On 23th March the specialists of “Communications” held the seminar “Organization of Intercom and PA systems for industrial and transportation hubs” in Kazan.

The working principles of the system DVS-21, the connection of terminal equipment to the system and the highlights of work with the software were graphically demonstrated to visitors.

The participants have been acquainted with the modules of the system DVS-21, and company employees also told about functionality of each module, the benefits of the light indication and noted the possibility of replacing modules in the “hot mode”.

The seminar’s program included speeches of experts on the theme of acoustic systems and industrial loudspeakers, using the equipment of “Telegrafia”, “Procom” and “DNH” companies as examples.

The lecture about organization of radio communication systems on equipment of DECT and TETRA formats became the conclusion of the program.

The guests had the opportunity to ask experts questions and get practical recommendations on arrangement of communications and alarm systems at various enterprises.

At the end of the seminar, the participants were granted certificates and branded company materials.

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