Workshop in Perm

6 August 2014

We thank all those who were able to focus on our equipment.

All in all, our seminar was visited by 40 specialists.

The seminar program covered the following issues:

  • Design of intercom and two-way PA systems for enterprises on the basis of a digital communication system DVS-21;
  • Complex of unique characteristics that distinguishes the DVS-21 system from other producers;
  • Integration with already existing company systems maintaining the existing peripherals;
  • Russian and international experience in the implementating projects including explosive and chemically aggressive environments, harsh climatic conditions;
  • Flexible solutions developed by the company experts relevant to operational needs and technological features of the company within the context of concrete life situations;
  • Organization of wireless communication systems and security standards based on DECT, TETRA standards, DoIP and Wi-Fi including potentially explosive atmospheres;
  • Preventing accidents. Organization of a «personal security system».

We thank all those who were able to pay attention to our equipment. You will find the feedback from our participants here.

We hope for our further cooperation!

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