Projects of the underground positioning of personnel at the mines "Goltsovoye" and "Mayskoe"

1 August 2016

The "Communications" Company has implemented projects of the underground positioning of personnel in silver mines "Goltsovoye" and "Mayskoe" of JSC "Serebro Magadana” (“Magadan Silver").

The "Goltsovoye" and "Mayskoe" silver fields are among the largest mines of JSC "Serebro Magadana” (“Magadan Silver"), located in the Magadan region, the silver content in the ore is more than 600 gr. / Tonne.

The company's specialists have implemented in these fields projects of automated positioning systems of staff in underground workings. The construction of engineering solutions for the creation of an automated control system of the mine personnel location included:

  • Organization of top-level system with specialized software "Talnakh-coordinate";
  • Integration into single complex ground-based components of the projected system and integration with the information networks of the mine, including the possibility of a data run in automated accounting standard-issue;
  • Equipment (installation in the battery compartment) individual head lamps subscriber positioning modules.

At the field "Mayskoe" in addition to the positioning system of staff was created a full network of underground radio communication on the basis of a set of equipment "Talnakh", repeaters "Tiat", controllers Zetron and Entel radios.

The radiating cable type SLYWV-75-10 was used for creation of radio coverage areas in the mine workings and organization of data channels.

The implemented system allowed organizing at the mine:

  • Implementation of a broadcast call for a general warning;
  • Priority and emergency calls;
  • Operational communication system "radioabonent-radioabonent" between employees located under the ground with the possibility of modular expansion channels.

Complex products are designed and developed taking into account the mining conditions, has the necessary dust and moisture protection, meets the requirements of TR CU 012/2011 "On safety equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres".

More information can be found in the project descriptions.

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