Seminar report

18 February 2013

6-7 February was organized the 1 seminar of this year for constructors. 11 attendees from Russia and Belorussia took part in these seminar: specialists in engineering for chemical, oil and gas sectors of industry.

During the workshop, employees told in detail about the features of a digital communication system DVS-21 (ProCom GmbH), terminal equipment of partners, their characteristics and possible uses, also in custody was given to the method of calculating the amount of attention and the power of the speaker, provided by our partner Telegrafia (Slovakia ). Some blocks were devoted RADIO TETRA and DECT production Funkwerk (Germany) and the Emergency Alert System company Telegrafia.

During the seminar members of the company described in detail main characteristics of DVS-21 intercom system (ProCom GmbH), data terminal equipment produced by partners, their main features and their possibilities of application. However, at the end of the seminar it also was considered to indoor and outdoor sound system method developed by our partner Telegrafia (Slovakia). Some seminar blocks were devoted to wireless communication equipment based on the TETRA and DECT standard ( Funkwerk ) and public address systems (Telegrafia).

At the end of the seminar participants were presented with certificates of participation.

We would like to thank our participants for their interest to our seminar!

To get seminar plan for the 2013 year you are welcome to contact with Aleksandra Fedosova: by fax (812) 449 17 10 or e-mail: af@comms.ru

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