Autumn — period of intense training!

4 December 2013

Autumn was a time of intense training for us: we were teaching our guests!

October 23 and November 21 we took part in the qualification course for specialists and department heads of ICS and communication from various industries, such as energy (production and generation), nuclear energy, metallurgy, air navigation services and etc. There were highlighted some practical issues on the theme of organization of public address communication on industrial plants, were analyzed project examples, were examined the possibilities of working with design institutes.

November 13 and 14 we held the final seminar of the series of public workshops in 2013 for our potential customers. Our experienced managers and engineers have prepared a varied program for our guests. Various specialists attended our seminar: technical directors of industrial enterprises, representatives of design institutes, representatives of research companies and system integrators. The coverage range of industries was wide: oil and gas, energy : production and generation, power supply, pulp and paper industry, nuclear energy , aviation, etc.

We would like to thank all the participants for attending the seminar and for interest in our products and our projects!

autumn autumn autumn autumn

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