Experts of the Communications company participated in seminars in St. Petersburg

7 July 2017

Despite the onset of the summer season many experts of industrial enterprises and transport hubs continue to improve professional skills.

In this regard the Communications company, whose employees have been experts at courses of educational centers and institutes for many years, took part in few training activities. Despite the summer season many specialists of industrial enterprises and transport hubs do not lose interest in developing professional skills. In this regard, the company "Communications", whose employees have been experts for many years at courses of educational centers and institutes, took part in several training events.

Within the course "Providing fire safety in the operation of industrial enterprises" the Deputy CEO Vasily Ignat’yev spoke about the integration of the Taiga communication system with fire automatics. The combined solution allows to provide an extra control over the emergency situation because there are opportunities for bilateral PA systems and transmission of necessary messages in real time. Thus, the integration of the dispatch system with fire alarms contributes the high efficiency of the evacuation (SOUE).

Also, a seminar was organized for operators of energy companies on the topic "Dispatch and PA systems" where project manager Vladimir Kochetkov introduced the audience with modern automated control systems, intercom and PA equipment. The expert paid special attention to the characteristics of the improved communication system Taiga produced by Communications company. It is based on 2 relevant solutions for the market of industrial communications: a decentralized communication system (IP solution) and a centralized system.

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