"Communications" organized a technical seminar about systems of dispatcher

20 March 2017

On the 16th of March 2017 in Krasnoyarsk "Communications" organized a technical seminar about systems of dispatcher, loudspeaker and wireless connection at industrial enterprises and transport objects.

The event was created due to Russian industrial enterprises' increasing requirement of improving competences of the stuff and making all the equipment in accordance with modern quality standards. For Krasnoyarsk, the most important region in manufacturing of GDP in Russia, such an incorporation of reliable and progressive technologies in the domain of industrial connectivity is especially urgent.

Experts of "Communications" with the deputy of CEO – Vasiliy Ignatiev – provided a detailed overview of equipment from the domain of modern systems of the operational technical connectivity and notification.

Practical part of the seminar consisted of the analysis of projects, which "Communications" has already realized in various spheres of the industry. Among the participants were representative of profile organizations, project institutes, energy and mining companies. Everybody received a certificate of participation.

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