Communications company studied installation and support of telecommunication

17 February 2017

In order to broaden knowledge base, specialists of technical department of "Communications" company studied installation and support of telecommunication system Avaya IP Office.

Avaya IP Office is used for communication between employers, clients and suppliers. Users have access to phone connection, messages, conferences, contact centers, video, and unitized communications despite their location and device. The system expands when new needs appear (from 5 to 3000 users).

During 4 days course our specialists got full information about architecture of Avaya IP Office, solutions within the field of phone connection and data transmission based on equipment of IP Office. Additional functions, including system of voice mail (Voice Mail Pro), were examined. Theoretical part of the course was supported by practical exercises on setting IP Office, building connection between several IP through different communication channels and usage of Voice Mail Pro.

At the end, engineers from "Communications" company got certificates confirming finished course and providing an opportunity to work with Avaya IP Office products.

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