29 June 2010 Seminar «Organization of Loud-speaking Communication for Industrial Enterprises»
We thank all participants of the seminar «Organization of Loud-speaking Communication for Enterprises», which was organized by our company in June, dated 25-26, located at our Training Centre. We hope that information and materials acquired by participants will turn into useful tools in their present and future projects.

22 June 2010 Professional advanced training
In June, 2010, our engineers completed practical certified training with certificate confirmation at ProCom Gmbh (Essen, Germany) studying assemblage, installation and adjustment of digital communication systems DVS-21.

The results of seminar in St. Petersburg
On September 16 and 17 at the educational center of Communications Ltd was organized the seminar "Organization of dispatching systems and wireless communications for the industrial and transport facilities". The seminar was attended by industry representatives from different cities of Russia.

Post-release of the participation in the International Exhibition "NEVA-2015" Post-release of the participation in the International Exhibition "NEVA-2015"
The company Communications Ltd in cooperation with the Norwegian company DNH took part in the traditional 13th International Maritime Exhibition and Conferences of Russia "Neva-2015".

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